Easy Festive Manicures

torek, december 29, 2015

Today I have a few ideas for festive nails. For me, festive manicure must contain something sparkly or gold. You can easily recreate all of them, with polishes that you owned and with different colour combination.

 Real red polish, like Avon-Real red is a must for holiday season. And with sparkly top coat like Avon- Fringe you simply can't go wrong. All of my tree favourite colours just in one manicure. Red, gold and black.

And the gelish version made with Depend Gel polishes. I added gold glitter on the top of it, with Cantice Stars&Stories polish. I will wear this version on New Years Eve.

Something different, Silver and Black combination. I love black on my nails, and to do a bit more festive manicure I add some silver sparkles. I created this look with Golden Rose Black polish and Catrice It's show time.

Essence Amazed by you, with gold sparkles. Gold top coat is from last years Christmas collection.

 Avon Fringe ones more, but this time with a bit darker red from Alessandro.

This one is probably the easiest. Just pick one main colour and then add gold only on one of the nails. In my case I added gold on ring fingers.

I hope I inspired you to wear something sparkly on New Years Eve. :) Also I am super curious which manicure you like the most?

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  1. Kako so lepi ... celo pa 2. in 4. :)

  2. Zelo lepo, polno super in upporabnih idej :)

  3. Vsaka manikura je po svoje lepa :) Pa občudujem tvojo lepo obliko nohtov :)


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