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ponedeljek, september 28, 2015

Jana from Small bites of loveliness always have gorgeous, healthy looking skin on every picture. And since I found out she is using Lily Lolo mineral foundation I know I need it in my life. My skin was breaking out like crazy lately and it was time for a small change. So since I decided to use more natural cosmetics, I had to change my foundation routine just as well.

After my L'occitane facial and getting their CC cream, I fell in love with this product, so I decided to keep it in my routine. I decided to try out Lily Lolo foundation, and first I ordered a few samples, so I can get a perfect match for my pale skin. For me that perfect match was China Doll. And the best thing is that this two products works amazing together! First I apply L'occitane CC cream*, right after my daily moisturizer. And leave a minute or two to soak in. In that time I always cook my morning coffee. Then I put some concealer under my eyes and on my spots, for that I love to use Collection concealer in fair. I didn't include it in a picture because packaging is looking like a mess. Then it's my favourite part. With E.L.F powder brush I apply Lily Lolo Mineral foundation in China Doll. After that my skin looks really nice and healthy. Cc cream somehow hides my pores and evens out my skin and Lily Lolo just give that little coverage that my skins needs and still leaves my skin to breath. I don't have that Instagram perfect skin after this three steps, but I like the natural and healthy effect.

After this three steps I love to mist my skin with L'occitane Perfecting Mist. As I said here, this mist is really perfecting. And I love to use it after all my make up is applied. For perfect finish.

In the future I would also love to try Lily Lolo BB cream and their concealer in Blonde. That's how much I love their mineral foundation.

I need only a few minutes for better skin now. And mineral foundation is so much easier to apply then liquid foundation. Probably I love that the most! And the effect is the same. I have a few more minutes in morning for my self thanks to fast make up application.

P.s: from now on every product I got or will get in a future for review purpose will be marked with * in every post I will mention product in. Not just in a review. But my opinion will still be honest and the provider will not have any affect on my posts.
*sample generously provided

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  1. Aaww hvala za omembo!<3 Me veseli, da ti je všeč :) xx

  2. Komaj čakam, da porabim kakšno BB kremo, ki jo trenutno uporabljam in si končno kupim to Lily Lolo. Si jo že predolgo ogledujem :)

  3. Joj, Lily Lolo pa gledam že... menda par let ;) Pa vedno pride nekaj drugega na vrsto pa nikoli ne pridem do Lily Lolo =P Bo treba napisat na en velik list, ko porabiš, pride pa nakup Lily Lolo na vrsto ;)
    Xoxo, Ny

  4. Res me zanima, kako prekriven je Lily Lolo mineralni puder. Verjetno si ga ne bi upala uporabljat samo v kombinaciji s CC kremo, sem preveč navezana na bolj prekrivne podlage :)


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