Review: Essence- Ring around the Rosy; Blush from Fun Fair TE

četrtek, julij 23, 2015


Today I'll be talking about this amazing blush from Essence latest Trend Edition called Fun Fair. The blush is in colour Ring aroun the Rosy and it's gorgeous cool toned pink shade with amazing sheen. The blush is very pigmented and easy to work with. The blending is a peace of cake. And on my, at the moment oily skin, is quite persistent as well. It can survive 6-8 hours of hard work. 
Now let me just talk about the amazing sheen this blush leaves on cheeks. It can compare to Milani Luminoso sheen easly. The only difference is colour. Now I don't need highlighter anymore, since this blush gives my cheeks colour and really nice healthy sheen.
The packaging is classic clear plastic, but it looks sturdy. You get 4grams of product for 3.29€. Amazing deal.
I was trying to find one thing that I didn't like about this blush, but I can't find it. Essence did amazing job with this one, and the price is just a big plus. 
I recommend this blush to every one, who looks good with cool toned pink blush.
Now I just need the other colour as well.

Do you have it? Like it?
Wish you all an amazing day.

Here you can see swatch of Milani Luminoso blush and Essence Ring aroud the Rosy.

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  1. Ful lepi odtenek. jas sem si iz te kolekcije kupla lake, perlice, šminki pa dekoracije za nohte, ker rdečil mam itak že preveč :)

  2. neki zame, ker imam rada rožnato:) všeč mi je zelooo:) in tudi Milani mi je TOP:)


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