NOTD: Blue paradise

četrtek, maj 21, 2015

It's been a while since my last NOTD post and it is about time I do a new one. Right? Today I am showing you a manicure that I wore a few weeks ago. I made it with two polishes, that are among my most loved ones.
For base I used Deborah pret-a-porter in shade 29-Blue paradise. And for stamping I used electric blue polish from Bourjouis 1s line. The pattern is from Konad plate m65.

I really like the result and this mani stayed on my nails for couple of days. Amazing. Blue paradise is definitely one of my most gorgeous polishes. Somehow I love wearing different shades of blue on my nails at the moment. In fact I have blue nails at the moment as well. Hope the light will be better tomorrow, so I can take a few pictures of my current manicure.

What colour do you wear on your nails at the moment?

This week passed very quickly, for me. Only tomorrow and the weekend is here.
I have school on Saturday again. Visiting Iskra Medical once more, for some new fresh knowledge. Can't wait. :)

I will be back with new review really soon!

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  1. Res lep odtenek modre :)
    Pa všeč sta mi vzorca na sredincu in prstancu :)

  2. waw, res lepa kombinacija in super vzorčki! Tudi sama ravno iščem nekaj takega =)


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