Haul post: Monday beauty shopping

torek, maj 19, 2015

Is there any better way, than to start a week with some beauty shopping? I am not the best in showing you all my beauty purchases, but this one is a little special.

 First I went to Sanolabor where Alpstories offered free skin analysis and surprisingly my skin is high hydrated, but first wrinkles are going to start showing on my skin, so I need to start using an anti-ageing cosmetic. Julija kindly presented me all the Alpstories products, which is Slovenian brand made with only natural ingredients. I am already using their Argan oil and Aloe butter cream, but yesterday I decided to bought cleansing gel as well. The Bath salt was a free gift with purchase. Review will be soon on my blog, but let me just give you a little sneak peek: Argain oil is gorgeous for face and body skin, I am using it on a daily basis and Aloe butter cream is heaven for really dry skin.

Then I was kindly invited to L'Occitane to try out their new line Pivoine Sublime, and it's crazy how I like all the products, not to mention how gorgeous was my skin after serum, cream, CC cream and BB cream. Amazing. Of course I bought Perfecting Mist from Pivoine Sublime line and I got CC cream for reviewing purpose.
CC cream is amazing! It contains CC pigments and illuminating pearly particles, so it has a litlle bit coverage, and that gorgeous illuminating effect. It is hydrating as well.. Perfect for a no "make up day" or under foundation.
Perfecting mist is amazing as well I am super curious about perfecting part. I only try it out once today, before CC cream and after my Lili lolo foundation and it is hydrating. I think it is guilty that my make up didn't melt of my face today at work, I somehow totally forgot to put fixing powder at the end.

I am curious how all the product will work on my skin, but my first and I mean first impression is quite good. 

Now I earned a warm Ginko bath and relaxing evening behind my books. I have two exams on friday. Yaay for me, right?

Have you try anything from today's post?

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  1. Tale CC krema je tudi meni super :) Pa še SPF ima, tako da je vse v enem!

    1. Ja res je dobra. Edino mene malo tiste pigmentne granule malo motijo, se mi zdi da je tok kot da bi si vsako jutro delala piling. Mam obcutek da bo hitro neprijeten obcutek. Morem probat kaksen je ucinek, ce kremo prej raztopim med prsti. :)

  2. Anna veš, da sama še sploh nisem utegnila preverit cc kremice, jo bom jutri in ti javim kako se mi obnese:)

    1. Jaz sem tri take orng mozoljčke dobila. Pa ne vem al od nege zadnjič, da je blo vsega too much, al pa od CC kreme. Možna je tudi meglica -.-"
      Bom videla kak bo vnaprej. Me zlo zanima kak bo kaj tebi :)


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