Review: Le Couvent Des Minimes- Smile lip balm

sreda, april 22, 2015

You have seen me talking about Le Couvent Des Minimes on my blog before. So just a quick introduction. I like their philosophy, using only natural ingredients and using simple old recipes from way back. You can find the beginnings in the name of the brand Couvent means Convent in english and the Minimes is the name of the convent, because the first inhabitants there were Minim Brothers. And the original recipes goes back there to the 17th centuries. Even the packaging tells the story about the product too.

What they say about Smile lip balm: "Inspired by the Sisters' benevolent works, that so often brought a smile back to the faces of Convent residents, the Smile Lip Balm Orange Blossom Aroma helps to nourish and repair lips on a daily basis.
Thanks to its Original Recipe combining softening Marshmallow with nourishing Shea butter and protective Apricot oil, its formula with a delicious Orange Blossom aroma works to provide lasting moisture and protection for lips day after day.
Lips regain suppleness and softness."

I picked the Orange Blossom aroma, because it was in a gift packaging along with the Gardener's hand healer and Hiker's Foot healer, discounted on 10€. Great deal, right? It came in a full size, containing 15ml of products.

Packaging is a practical tube and you can get the product out really easy, just by squeezing the tube. Firstly I thought it's super liquidy, but after reading Petra's review I find out that the balm is more gel like, and the liquidy part just separates from the gel part if the balm is not used in a while.

So after discovering the original gel form I immediately fall in love with the product. Firstly I thought if would bee more like gloss and not that caring. But it definitely does everything they promised. It softens the lips and it has nourishing effect. On my lips it preform more liquidy, giving that gloss shine for a few minutes, and then my lips absorbs all the product. Still leaving my lips soft and nourished. It surprised me how it's not sticky at all and because of the liquid form this balm is super easy to apply. The balm has really nice smell and the taste is not that horrible, as with some other lip products.

I love this one for a days without lipstick. But I am afraid that if you have really dry and chapped lips this one won't rescue that problem, but it will definitely protect you from chapped lips if you would use it on a daily basic. For really dry and chapped lips LCDM have this product. It is highly on my WL, hope to get my hands on it as soon as possible.

Do I recommend this product? For some pampering definitely. And you can eat this one from your lips without a guilt, because there are no nasty ingredients in this one.

Do you have this product? What are your thoughts about it?
Any one having the very rich formula with honey aroma? Do you recommend it to me?

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  1. Kje pa si to kupila in kako dolgo nazaj? v Müllerju?

    1. Na popraznicnih razprodajah darilnih setov. Zdej nimajo vec :(


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