It's time for Revolution!

sobota, maj 03, 2014

Let me introduce you to a very new make up brand called Revolution. They claim, you get a good quality products for less money. I already read some post about it, and quite a few bloggers mention that their first though was it looks something like MUA, and yes that was my though too. When Slovenian online store connected me if I would like to try some products I was super excited. I hold my finger cross, hope to get Iconic 3, which is suppose to be a Naked 3 dupe.Well that didn't happened, so I hope to read a few good reviews and then I will give it a try, if I would like mine too.

 The first thing that cough my eye was this gorgeous palette called Essential day to night (klik). The colors looks gorgeous, there are 12 colors, some nice neutral on the right side and some more dark and vibrant colors, that you can use for more night time looks. I am super excited to try some looks with it, when the weather will be a little bit sunnier and the light will be more appropriate for taking make up photos. I did take a few swatches photos, but they didn't turn out too good, so I will write about this palette some more, when I will test the hell out of it :P

Next there is a really nice peachy blush caled Treat (klik), with a tiny little gold shimmer that is not visible in the swatch. It gives my pale cheeks really nice peachy blushing effect :). I do like it! And shimmer is not that visible on cheeks too!

I did get a really nice, moisturizing lip stick, that is really well pigmented. It's not the best long lasting lip stick, but it is really nice to my dry lips. The only problem with this one is that you will have some problems with application, because of the clear edge, that suppose to take care for your lips.
I get mine in  Love pink! you can get it here.

The last thing I got is Focus& Fix eye primer in Brighten (klik), nice bronzed primer, that I didn't try out yet, but believe me there will be a full review soon, I am always looking for some nice eye shadow primers. Here is just a quick swatch:

I do like the products, you get some nice quality for really cheap. But you can tell the products are cheap because of the package, which I don't like at all.
When I first saw this brand I quickly find some interesting stuff that I would still like to try it out, so here is my quick WL:
Of course Iconic 3, because I don't have enough money for original Naked 3, and this white foundation, I need something to brighten all my foundation. Next is this eyeliner, because I simply need new one, and this one looks great and it's really cheap! And this blush, simply because it looks amazing!

For all Slovenian readers you can get a dose of your Make up Revolution here!
Thanks for letting me try, thank you for this amazing easter gift!

P.s stay here for some review, and I promise that they will be in Slovenian language too.

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  1. Odvseh izdelkov me paleta najbolj pritegne, tako da komaj cakam swatche.

  2. Uuuuuu primer mi zgleda obetavno! :D

  3. Blush mi je zelo všeč:) Jaz bi tudi kupila Iconic 3 čisto iz radovednosti in bel puder, ker imam tudi večino pretemnih:)

  4. Se že veselim ocene eye primerja :)

  5. I'm hearing really good things about these products. I can't wait to try some myself.

  6. waw lepa paleta ličil!!


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