Catrice- Luxury Lacquers- Sand'station- MALIBLUE

sreda, marec 05, 2014

Hi there!

It's been quite a while since my last post. But I have so much stuff goin' on :S. I got a new job
I am super excited not to be broke all the time and be able to go on spring shopping :)
You will see some more new goodies on this blog.
And I will buy them only online. Our drugstores are so behind the trends!
I did broke my rule not to buy anything beauty related a couple of time this month, but who can
 resist a full stash of Catrice Luxury lacquers and not buy any? Well me not! But I was really a
 good girl since I bought only two. And I will definitely wear them quite often!
The first one I am going to show you is Maliblue. This one is gorgeous! Electric blue with 
sand effect. 
And the sand polishes last on my nails really long, this is a big +, since i am not painting my nails 
everyday anymore. Lack of time.

This polish has one downside. And it's the brush. Catrice wtf is going on with your brushes?
 Srsly? This brush is a big fail! The bristles going in all different directions. 
There is no way you can paint your nails perfectly, or even nice
You will get polish all around your cuticle and nothing on nail. I am really disappointed!

But the color and effect is way to beautiful to not use this polish only because of failed brush.
You will see this gorgeous a few more time on my blog!

Did you get any of this TE polishes?
Like it?

Till next time!
Stay gourgeous! Anna♥

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  1. wow, lep odtenek :) škoda, d nima dobrih čopičev, k barva je res woooow

  2. Odtenek je res božanski, pa tudi da peskasti efekt mi je všeč...

  3. Ful mi je lep, škoda, da nisem njegovih swatchev videla prej. Jaz sem prosila eno, naj mi kupi vse holote, ampak še niso prišli do mene :(

  4. Waw kakšen odtenek, res je čudovit :) škoda, ker je čopič toliko slabši...

  5. Ooo wow! Edini ki mi je bil v živo iz te kolekcije všeč je bil ta.. in sedaj mi je žal, da ga nisem vzela. OH well!


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