petek, marec 07, 2014

Hi girls!

So I wanted to write a little different non beauty related post and I was just thinking about things that I can or have to do this weekend! I am free tomorrow afternoon and the whole Sunday. Yeey for that. And here in my country suppose to be sunny and warm. Spring is finally here ♥. I was on a walk today and it was perfect, worm, sunny the nature is waking up, there were bees all around. I am super excited! I am definitely be more out! So here is my 5 things I must do this weekend, that I don't do usually and I have to do them more often!

1. Go for a walk with my camera and take some pictures!
I did take my camera today for a walk too, but then I forget it in my car, so typical me -.- So for tomorrow I have to take my camera with me and actually take some photos, how can I improve my photography skills if I don't practice?

2. Treat myself with a good home spa.
Taking looong bath with face mask on and burning candels, with relaxing music...mmmmm tomorrow evening will be perfect for that! Than I will take special care for my foot, they deserve the best!

3. Write at least 3 post for blog and take some pictures!
Yes I have to do this, and I have to prepare at least 10 post in advance, so that if I run out of free time,  I will not be away for a long any more! And then take some pictures for posts. Like a lot of them, big bright, white. Yes I want to do better photos for this blog! I only read posts with good quality pictures, so my blog needs them too!

4. Spend some quality time with my boyfriend.
Since I got I new job, I am working 6 day per week and it takes me a lot of time, then there is a school twice a week, and my boyfriends job, we just don't have that much time for each other and it is important to make the best of those days we can be together, like Sunday.

5. Clean my room. 
Okay this one is impossible to do this weekend probably, but I will try to do my best! So if I run out of time for spring cleaning, that will be the first thing I have to do at the beginning of new week! And I mean it! Srsly a good spring cleaning, meaning throw away all stuff that you don't need! And make some room for new things, like clothes and new decoration ect.

Source to all photos is weheartit.com

What are your 5 things to do this weekend?

Stay gorgeous! Anna♥

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  1. ušeč so mi tvoje ideje za vikend, še posebno ta druga :) Pri meni bo pa na prvem mestu učenje, kakšen sprehod :)

  2. To meni so všeč... Prve bi se jaz resnično malo držat... Nič več ne slikam za dušo, pa bi bilo fino... Upam, da si vse uresničila in da je zato ponedeljek toliko lepši (:


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