Quick tip from me #1: Looking for a new hand cream?

petek, januar 24, 2014

Hi :)

I was. The two creams who really impress me were L'occitane shea butter and Burt's bees hand repair cream, usually drugstore ones doesn't work for me. But now I found two that I really like! :)
They cost little less then 5€, for both! And the ingrediants are not that bad at all!
You can get them in Muller. :)

I have really dry skin, and since I am a waitress I work a lot with water and that affect on my skin. I need good hand cream. This two are not perfect for work, because both leave a little greasy filing on my skin, and that's not good if you're wearing around bottles of bear and clean glasses :)
But after I use one of them, my skin feels more moisture and smooth. They are perfect before bed time. And if you use cotton gloves with them, you will wake up with the most smooth and nourished skin. Believe me.

I recommend this two creams for everyone whit dry hands, but I am almost sure that it won't work for those who sweat in hands a lot.

What are your favourite hand creams at the moment?

p.s Would you like to read every week my tip for you? Products that really work for me, or surprised me with a quality? This is just a quick review why I like it.

Stay gorgeous! Anna♥

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