New haircut :)

četrtek, januar 16, 2014


Ye I did it, I did it!
I cut off all of my dry and very damaged hair!
And here is my fresh look!
I just simply adore changes!

 And have you seen my make up? I was using MUA- undressed palette on eyes and Catrice Marlene's favourite on my lips :)

 Like it?
And now lets see some more photos!

 I really have short hair now! 
And I have no idea why this lipstick looks so pink on photos -.-"
(and yes I have 3 different hair colors. But in real life is not that obviously. I try to grow my natural hair color. Because blonde is too damaging for my hair :()

Lets be silly some more :))

I wonder what my neighbors think about me thanking selfies all the time by the window :) 
Hahaha :D
But who cares.

Wanna see my shanny pinky all summery nails?
How they shine on sun?
Ok let's do this! :)

On my nails I have two Kiko polishes, I will list them tomorrow. :)

Okay enough for today! :)

Stay gorgeous! Anna

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  1. lušna frizura! <3 tud js bi se na kratko pa nimam tolk poguma:D

  2. ooo res lepa frizura. Ful ti paše :)

  3. zelo lepa,ful ti paše ta frizura.

  4. Ful ti paše, pa kapo dol za pogum :)

  5. Tale frizura ti pa res zelo paše! Luštna si! Ampak pogumna pa tudi, meni je že 10 cm las tako škoda odstričti. :D

  6. Kako so mi všeč nohti, sploh ker se tako lepo bleščijo :)

  7. Super ti paše nova frizurca :)


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