sreda, januar 29, 2014


This is probably my everyday make up :) I love wearing brown tones on my eyes, and MUA undressed and Sleek Storm are perfect for natural looks. They are my most used make up palettes. For this one I used Sleek storm. On my face is as usual, except mascara is a new one. Is from Avon and its called Super shock max. I must say I am pretty impressed by this one, not a lot of mascaras hold my curl. I have naturaly really straight lashes :(. And on my lips is Avon- Bright smile lip gloss in Gleaming pink. It's not to bright for my pale skin right? 

Okay, what do you think? I am really boring with all this brown looks I know, I know.
I promise I will wear more colors in future :)

Stay gorgeous! Anna♥

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  1. Oči so krasno namazane, prav paše ti. :)

  2. Full lepo! Upam da boš objavila še več, tudi bolj barvnih FOTD-jev :)


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