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torek, januar 07, 2014

So I decided to do a tag I found on Elsa's blog instead of writhing about my favourites, simple because I really can't decide what products include in it. And well this one is pretty simple, I can do it!! 
1. Best nail polish
This one is hard, right? Only one? C'mon Elsa, how can I pick only ONE nail polish? Hooooow :))
So I am going to pick base color: Essie-Mint candy apple, and topper: Catrice-Kitch me if you can.
I cheated on this one, didn't I?. Bad, bad me! :P

2. Best lip product
This one is easy for me :)
Sierra Bees-organic vanilla lip balm

3. Best eye product
Maybelline rocket mascara!

4. Best face product
Catrice- All matt plus foundation

5. Best app.
Well I don't use apps, only Instagram :)

6. Best memory
There are a lot of them, but if I had to choose only ONE it would probably be going on a sea side with my boyfriend.

7. Best experience
Probably staying in Maribor, because of school, and not going to school but only have fun :) I know, i know, don't judge me please! I did have a lot's of fun with my girl friends!

8. Best lesson learned
Well in my private life I did have some lessons, but they are too private for my beauty related blog, so I am going to thing hard and pick some beauty lesson: Don't complicate too much on sensitive breakout skin! Just don't! Use simple product's with simple ingrediants, don't be too harsh on your skin! Give it some love and take good care for it! Breakouts will eventually be gone. And the damage you can do on your skin if you use to harsh ingrediants will stay long after the breakouts will be gone :/

9. Best movie seen
This one is hard for me, just 'cuz I forget what movie and what happend in it too soon. That's why I can watch the same movie again and again and always find interesting for me. My boyfriend loves to go to cinema and we are there all the time, but now, I just can't remember one good movie I saw. I can't. :(

10. Best book read.
Ok, don't judge me but this will probably be: 50 shades of gray. Why? Because it was the only book I read! Shame on me right?

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  1. Very nice! :) xo

  2. Ma vse kategorije so težke, ne samo prva :P


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