FOTD #2- Red lips (+mini review)

petek, december 27, 2013

I love, love red lips on others! But on me. Yeah not so much, but I have to try with matte red lips. And well hell yeah! I am going to wear them more often to some events, party etc :)
I don't wear make up for a job. But I do wear it for school, and twice a week I am going to post this kind of posts if photos will be useful :)

Mini review for this beautiful matte lip gloss from Essence- Stay matte lip cream in 04 Silky red

I think this is the perfect matte red shade, that suits everyone. It's stays on your lips for a couple of hours, but don't survive eating, drinking, especially kissing, and when you're all red around your lips and don't have make up remover, the cleaning is pain in the ass! 
I think this lip cream is a decent product for such a low price. Trough the day it would need some corrections. The color pay off is amaizing. Its full coverage with just one coat! 
I would give this one 4/5, just because of staying power.

Anna :)

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  1. Tile kremni 'glosi' so bili res zelo pohvaljeni, pa še kar nimam nobenega. Time to change that. & paše ti tale rdeča! ^_^
    ♥, moonchild beauty blog

  2. Vah, tudi jaz nisem najbolj navdušena nad rdečimi odtenki :/ Ali more bit neon rdeč ali pa temno hladno rdeč.
    Ti pa paše! :)

    1. Jaz pa niti ne vem. Vem, da mi je rdeča že od nekdaj všeč na drugih, pri meni se mi zdi too much, ampak tale mat mi je pa všeč!

  3. Prav huda si s pirsingom in s črno kapo, potem pa blond lase in rdeča šminka. Res v oči padeš (:

  4. Jaz mislim, da ti rdeča odlično pristaja. :)

  5. Jaz sem tudi sprobala en Essence gloss in morem priznat da so super! Lepo ti paše in super izgledaš! xoxo

    1. So kar vredu za takšno ceno ane? Škoda, da ne morem s katerim drugim primerjat kvalitete :)
      Hvala! :)


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