Inspiration- Winter

torek, november 05, 2013

Hi girls!

The last couple of days were amaizing, sunny and worm, but now it's raining, and I just don't like this rainy time, when is dark at 4 o'clock. :'(

So now I want December and winter, cold weather and snow, a lot of snow. And after December...well summer please hurry up in 2014!
And now just some inspiration for winter. 

 It's my birth month. <3 nbsp="" p="">
 Hell yea, this year I am excited about holidays! <3 p="">
 In a warm room with my hunny and tea, or cocoa <3 p="" perfection="" right="">
 Warm socks and wintery smelling candels <3 p="">

 All those comfortable sweaters..
 Hot cocoa <3 p="">

 Yes! And I can smell it! But it would be enough if winter would be only in December, and then long warm sunny spring, and 4 months of summer. Perfection right? Well we can wish..

XOXO, Anna

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  1. Začelo se je obdobje, ki ga najbolj sovražim, hitro je tema, mrzlo zunaj, potem pa še sneg, ki ga res ne maram. Komaj čakam, da bo spet pomlad. To, da je tema že ob petih, res ne deluje dobro name. Po moje so edina stvar, ki so mi pri zimi všeč, tople nogavice, puloverji in vroča čokolada. :D

  2. Se strinjam s Tayo! Komaj čakam, da bo pomlad :))


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