Bye Summer. Hello Fall.

torek, september 24, 2013

Hi Guys!

Yes this year I am excited that fall came to town! Everything is just so beautiful. We have warm sunny days, a nature has become all in colors. Its just so beautiful.
And there is no better way to say goodbye to my favourite time of a year, than with some skittles mani, with my favourite polishes of this summer!
Say hello to Opi liquid sands!:

Isn't this just perfect goodbye for summer?

And then I haven't done make up look for ages, just because I can't capture real color, but for saying hello to fall I have done some fall make up, witch looks all wash out on photos, but hey practice makes it better right?
I use some of my sleek colors, have no idea which one, cuz I just mix all together :P
And here is my washed out fall look:

So what do you think?
Like fall? :)

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  1. Sicer nisem nek ljubitelj jeseni, ampak letos sem čisto padla v ta letni čas, tako z manikurami kot makeupom. Ti OPI Sand laki so mi čisto prekrasni in tudi makeup je zelo lep. :)

  2. Makeup je čudovit! :D Lakcev se pa seveda tudi ne bi branila... :)

  3. Laki so super:) Tudi makeup mi je všeč, tak zelo nosljiv:)

  4. lakci so full lepi, make up ti zelo pristaja :)

  5. Make up je lep, ampak manikura pa naredi svoje. Super!


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