Essie- Mint candy apple

sreda, julij 10, 2013

Hi girls!

"Born in 2008. "Mint candy apple" revolutionized the world of color with pistachio tint with blue undertones. It become a true classic." Essie

This polish is a must have of every beauty blogger! Its the most gorgeous mint polish! Worth every euro! 
Perfect spring, summer shade

And off to my challenge, yes it was a Mint candy apple and the first one who answer right was: pumpkin*! Congratz! Please send me your address on my mail!

Here are some more photos:

I have no idea why my skin looks so dark and orange! Its so pale in real. Maybe its a contrast between my skin color and polish color?

Be ready for more mint nails! I love this polish!

P.s I have a few new Essie polishes, so be ready for more Essie on my blog!

XOXO, Anna <3 p="">

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  1. Amazing colour ;D

  2. Super odtenek, in seveda super blog, sledim. :)

    Moj blog:

    xoxo, Anja

  3. Ta barva je res zakon. :)


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