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sreda, maj 15, 2013

Hi Gorgeous!

I was thinking for so long, if I even wanna post this make up I did yesterday, cuz I got so crappy photos, but then I thought why not. 
In real this make up was more shimmery and pinkish, but I didn't brought my camera with me in Mb, so all of this photos was taken with my phone. I tried to edit them, but I fail every time I try to make my make up look more real. What do you use for editing your photos?

I use hot pink color named Ribbon in crease and I blend it out very well, then I use Cateau all over my lid, this color is gorgeous shimmer pink with some silver undertones. It's so gorgeous. And then I put Boxed, which is dark matte brown, in my outer V. In the end I put some eyeliner and a mascara on my lashes.
I think this make up is super easy and wearable for everyday, job or school.
Perfect for all eye colors.

I love it, and I will definitely wear it more often :)

What do you think?

XOXO, Anna

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  1. Zelo lep nežen videz. Tudi barva je taka nekaj drugačnega, ni navadna roza. Ful ti pase na barvo oči:)

  2. Meni se pa kr kul fotke! Drugače pa običajno Picaso uporabljam. Nič kompliciranega :)
    Lep makeup! :)

  3. Lep makeup. Meni se tudi zdijo dobre fotke. :)


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