MUA Haul, first impression and FODT.

petek, maj 10, 2013

Hello Gorgeous.

I always wanted a Naked palette, but every time I went to Italy to Sephora they weren't on stock. And now I am so happy because of that 'cuz I bought myself a cheaper version and that is world famous Naked dupe MUA undressed palette. Colors in that palette are just gorgeous and on swatches they look just like Naked ones. 

But first here Is what I get. Mua undressed palette, Pro-brown hit, Undressed your skin shimmer highlighter and for the gift I got one pink polish. 

The Pro-brown kit is amazing if you use that stuff, it has 2 matte colors for filling your brows and one highlighter  color which look too orange on me and the gel. I never liked using stuff like this, 'cuz I just have very dark brows on my own and light color, and I just hate the look of really dark, bolt brows on me. 

The Undressed palette is gorgeous. It has 3 matte and 9 shimmer color. Perfect for everyday make up. I just don't like how my camera pick up this colors. I did 3 different make up looks with it, but on photos they all look the same. Do you have any advice for me?
The colors are good pigmented and have good lasting power. I would really recommended this palette to everyone.

Next is Undressed your skin highlighter. It is perfect for all the pail faces out there. On me just look really nice and I don't mind that is a little bit shimmery. I use it only on my chicks, 'cuz you can look funny with al te shimmer on your forehead. 

Here is what I made with this palette:

I use matte colors for this look and brown pencil from essence in teddy.

My face:

For face I use Revlon colorstay in 150. Catrice gloss and Sleek rose gold blush.

Do you own any of MUA stuff? Like them? What I have to try next?

XOXO, Anna

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  1. Undressed paleta je ena mojih najljubših, odlična pigmentacija in super barve za vsak dan. Zelo lep makeup si naredila. :)

    1. Se strinjam! za tako ceno je amazing!
      Hvala, še edini ko prbl. zgleda tako kot v živo.

  2. Čudovit look! Moram sprobat katero od njihovih paletk. :) x


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