Is it summer yet?

četrtek, maj 09, 2013

Hello Gorgeous.
I have to wait 4 days for a sunny weather. Here in Slo we have nice April weather, that means warm, but rainy. It could be super sunny but in the next minute, the sky can turn dark and it could started to rain. 
So I have this polish on for like 4 days and today I get a little lucky and the sun showed up. So I grab my camera and let the work began!

Here are some photos of my summer favourite polish Depend Holographic in Nr. 2033 and Nr. 2034 on a ring finger. 

Awww I love this polish! Perfection! < 3 
Even after a 4 days of wearing it, it didn't chip not even a little. I thing that I found my great base and top coat combination. I will show you soon! :)

Have a great day Lovlies!
XOXO, Anna

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