How to take care of your cuticle.

sobota, maj 04, 2013

If you check some of the best nail bloggers you'll see that all of them have really healthy looking cuticle. And this is the first step to healthy looking nails too, and it is so easy!
If you massage cuticle every evening, you'll notice that your nail grow a little faster and healthier, it is because there is where nail grow.  However, what it does require is some discipline until your cuticle care routine becomes a habit. Finally, a useful habit!
A lot of bloggers sad don't cut cuticle. Well my oppinion is to cut cuticle only if you know how. And I know. So I do cut it. But if you don't know how, please don't cut it 'cuz you can really damaged your cuticle and nail like you can increase dryness and cause them to crack, bleed or even get infected.. It's just better if you moisture cuticle when you came out of shower and just gently push it off the nail with some wooden cuticle stick. Push gently so you don’t tear or damage the cuticles.
Another good advice is, your nails aren't the tool for working! So for any work, that can damage your nail or cuticle use glows. Always!
Biting or picking at cuticles is not good for them either. Make sure you’re not unconsciously playing with or digging into the cuticle with your fingers. Never tear a hangnail off, instead carefully cut it with clippers or cuticle scissors. Remember, it’s always easier to prevent then to cure.
Moisture, moisture, moisture! A lot of people have problem with dry cuticle. A lot of friends ask's me how I have such a nice healthy cuticle. It's easy. I don't use only hand cream, but creams that are for cuticle care. I use it all the time. It's my useful habit.  On our market is a few good products for that, some cream and there are some good oils too. If you don't want to spend too much money, you can simply use jojoba oil, or any other skin care oil you have at home.
Also, it’s a great practice to start putting a thin layer of moisturiser around your nails before you remove nail polish. This will protect the skin around nail from drying out. And of course after you remove polish, massage cream into the nails and leave it to soak in.

Here are some basic how to a cuticle care. In my next post I will show you all of my favourite hand care products and my cuticle care.

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XOXO, Anna

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  1. Zelo resnicno...zdaj pa imam slabo vest ker ne skrbim dovolj za svoje cuticles:) komaj cakam tvoja naslednji post:)

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  2. Res odličen post in resničen. Jaz imam zelo suho obnihtno kožico, zato jo ksoz mažem, tudi pred fotkanjem. Komaj čakam, da preberem o tvojih najljubših izdelkih. :)


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