Can't let go

sreda, maj 08, 2013

Hei Gorgeous*

I think I can count on my fingers on one hand how many times I wear purple on my nails. I have no idea why, but I'm just not a big fan when it comes to this color in beauty.
But this time I made something special for my nails and I like it. I wear it almost all week.
I use Essence Maybe I'm Amazed from Re-mix your style as a base. And then I added Essence POP topcoat and a little bit of OPI-Can't let go. For silver lines I use Essence-sparkling silver;cracking base coat.

I thing I should do nail art or something special more often! :)

Do you like it?

XOXO, Anna

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  1. Ful dobro izgleda, kot da bi delala s trakci. :)
    Seveda večkrat naredi kak nail art. :)

  2. Zelo lepo:) Meni pa je vijolična ena najljubših barv;)

  3. i'm so in love with this kind of nail art, geometric, colorful, perfect!


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