No mint, no spring! :)

torek, april 09, 2013

Hei :)
There isn't a spring if you don't wear something mint! And I really hope that the weather gets better here in Slo its time for SPRING now!

And for me something mint this time would be Essence Grunge Me Tender (Floral Grunge TE)

 Its such a nice polish with, with little sparkle. Its wonderful!
 And just because I didn't use the other Hugs and kisses top coat and I think it would go good with mint I put it on and I like the combo. It's really spring looking:)

And I am so happy I finally bought myself MUA undressed palette! Omg, what a great product, be ready for another haul post and a review and a lot of make ups!!

Have fun!
XOXO, Anna

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