NEW! Catrice- Mint Me Up

petek, marec 29, 2013

Hei Lovlies.

This is going to be one of my favourite spring color. Its amazing mint green with gold flakes. Perfect for sunny spring day. And since spring is still not here in Slo and it's snowing and raining I have a hard time to capture this gorgeous. I promise you'll see this color one more time on my blog I just have to wait for sunny day.

New Catrice polishes are again good quality, but I don't like new brush. They have some gorgeous new colors. Can't wait to try out more of them. 

Girls have any one have an idea why blogger changes my photos in a this and previous post? What can I do, that'll make photos upload normally like before?
Thanks anyone for help!

Thanks for reading!

XOXO, Anna

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