My experience with fast drying top coats.

ponedeljek, marec 18, 2013

Hei Lovlies!

It all starter almost 7 years ago, when I met the Top coat in school(If you don't know I am a beautician and I study manicure in school). I have never heard for this before, it was all new to me. I remember I was working with Jessica and Alessandro. I always prefer Alessandro. And after I leave high school I startet to search for my holy grail fast drying top coat. It started with Essie G2G this was amazing top coat but after I use only a half it started to be sticky and I just couldn't use it any more. So for me, this is a total waste of my money. AAAAAaaa next! It was Seche vita and it happend the same! Whaaaaat? I was so so angry, but since it was cheaper I bought another bottle and again the same thing. Well this was the end of one more good topcoat. Then I bought Orly, but this one just wasn't good enough. It has a longer drying time. Then I bought some Catrice and Essence but they just suck! After that I was so depressed I bought myself a very expensive  OPI top coat. It was good, but not for student pocket. And then I read about this Essence nail polish that it supposed to be as good as all the high end fast drying top coats and of course I had to buy it.
You won't  believe it it is almost as good as all(that I try) of the high end fast drying top coats.
It has a little bit longer drying time, but still faster than the other drugstore top coats.
You can get it in Muller for a little less than 3€. That is really cheap if you ask me for 10ml bottle.
It helps polish to dry faster and it gives nice shine almost gel like shine to nails. All of my polishes last longer.
I am already on my second bottle and I will repurchase it!
The application is smooth.
And so the winner is Essence Studio Nails- Better that gel nails- top sealer!

And I would love to hear your opinion on this one if you tried it!

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XOXO, Anna

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  1. Jaz tudi tega uporabljam in ga ne menjam. :)

  2. I need to try this out but i have so many topcoats at the moment :P

  3. Se strinjam, najboljši je<3

  4. Avtor je odstranil ta komentar.

  5. Uau, na kaksni soli se pa ucite o lakih za nohte? :)

  6. Jaz trenutno uporabljam Seche Vite. Sem na polovici in zaenkrat nimam z njim še nobenih problemov. Se mi pa zdi, da imam tudi tegale doma.

  7. Meni se pa po tem ful hitro laki krušjo - prej kot v enem dnevu in sem ga nehala uporabljat. Meni itak večina stvari, ki so drugim všeč, ni všeč ... mogoče se pa ne znam lakirat ?! :D

    Deja Zu

    1. Deja meni se isto, edino če uporabim Micro cell nail repair podlak, potem mi zdržijo dlje časa. Očitno ta kombinacija paše. Če dam kak essence podlag so konice takoj uguljene :(


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