Being boring in Maribor :)

ponedeljek, marec 11, 2013

 Hei Lovlies..
Long time no see, right? Sorry but moving to another dorm takes a lot of my time, and then I was hanging out with my friends a lot, but for weekend when I came home i was working and spend time with my love.
I am not having my camera with me here in Mb, because I am scared of losing it or if somebody stole it. So that's why in this post wont be any high quality photos. I take all with my phone. So sorry for that.
And today I was boring..really I sad to myself it's time to do some nail art and a blogpost :)
And here I am :)

It all startet with one of my favourite polish Catrice Am I blue or green.

 And after that I added some Manhattan-55K(ppink) and Essence C&G(new) date in the moonlight.
 Can anybody tell me how to change photos 'cuz I have no idea why blogger change them in to lying position. Anyway this is Lent and Drava. :)
 The most jummy chiken salad I ever eat. Mango Mb.
 Me having fun on tuestay with my good friend Gin:)
 McFlurry Smarties with caramel topping...mmmmmmm <3 p="">
Coffe with one of my good friend on a sunny day. :)

So what are you doing this days? I hope that winter is really gone. I won't miss it! :)
Spring welcome! <3 div="">And summer hurry up please!
XOXO, Anna

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  1. Fotke su super i manikir je divan, pravi prolecni. :)

  2. Fotke so super prišle glede na to, da so bile fotografije narejene z mobitelom. Manikura je zelo luštna :)

  3. Oh, luštna manikura :) Konec meseca pa tudi jaz pridem v MB :) :)

  4. Lepa manikura! In mmm solatka, sem kar lačna postala :)

  5. Manikura je res prekrasna. :)

  6. Love your nails :)


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