There is nothing wrong with a little inspiration.

sreda, februar 06, 2013

And yes I need one. I am having a lot of work, studying and it seems like I can't find any time for my blog. But now I got ill, its like my body is telling me to take a break from everything and just rest. But no that's not me. I can sleep for an hours, but not when I am ill. So Today I'll do some photos and write some posts, that i can publish in a next few days, when I have no time for anything else but studying -.-"
And since I desperately need some inspiration, I went on weheartit to find some. And let this just be some inspiration post, how to make your life better :))

Talk to you soon!
XOXO, Anna

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  1. Lovely messages. Just the right ones when you need a little reassurance in life and yourself. :)


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