ponedeljek, februar 18, 2013

Hey lovlies.
I just forget too many times how easy konad can be and how fast you can reach stunning nails. My friend just ask me if I can do a mani for her, and since you have to wait on polish to dry before you do konad I have time to do my nails. And this is what came out:

I love red&black combo. And just because I can't wait spring, there are flowers all over my nails. :)
It seems like this winter just don't want to leave. It's snowing again. :O

Do you like to see what my friend wanted on her nails?
I like her combo too. Maybe I'll do it for myself soon, but instead of black I'll choose white:) It will definitely look more summery :D

Do you like it?

XOXO, Anna

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