Alverde Nagelpflege creme- Aprikose Review

petek, februar 15, 2013

Hey Lovlies!

How are you? First let me say, that please don't be strict on me, 'cuz this is one of my first reviews and I really have no idea how to write them. But at some point you have to start it. I always love to read other reviews, 'cuz I can find some good or not so good products. If I read some bed reviews of some product I never buy it.

This review is about Alverde nail creme. You know how I love my Lush lemony flutter, but this thing is almost that good! I am so annoyed because I just can't find ingredients. They didn't have it in Dm and I can't find them on internet. That sucks!
You can buy this creme in Dm and it coast 2€ for 10 Ml. (If you compare that to Lush LF it's 8€ for 50 Ml and that means that Alverde creme is expensive)
This cream have a  very thick consistency, orange color and apricot smell. Is extremely nourishing cream, for nails too. After I use this cream on my bare nails, they look more healthier and they get that moisture shine. I use it for a 2 months now I think, and I see positive changes on my nails. They are more healthier and they don't chip that much anymore.
I use it on a daily bases, everytime I think my cuticle is dry. And in this winter time that's almost all the time. And I must say it's not that good as a LF for my cuticle, but it still works good! I must say that I like this Alverde cream more for nails and LF more for my cuticle if that make sense. ;)

I would definitely recommend this cream for everyone that have dry cuticle and nail problems. This is my second bottle. But now I just find out that the LF is cheaper I wouldn't buy this one anymore.
I would give this cream 8/10.
Hope this is good for 1st time :) I will definitery write more reviews about product that I love and use ondaily bases :)
See you soon!

XOXO, Anna

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  1. It's so interesting reading about products you 've never heard before, this hand cream sounds like a lush!!

  2. LF se je mislim da podražal na skoraj 10 eur (par centov manj).

    1. Hvala za info, sploh nisem vedla. Nazadnj je bil se 8e. ;)

  3. to kremico imam tudi jaz in mi zelo odgovarja, pa še ful lepo diši :)

  4. Nisem še probala te kreme, ampak mi LF zelo odgovarja in bom verjetno kar ostala pri njem. Stane pa okrog 10 €.

    1. Ocitno ga imam ze tako dolgo, da se je vmes podrazil.;)
      Zdaj ko mi te zmanjka grem nazaj pi LF, ga kar pogresam:)


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