Again some konad time :)

sreda, februar 20, 2013

Hei Lovlies!

How are you?
I just realized I have some new followers, so welcome on my blog! I would love to visit your blog, if you have one. So can you please leave comment, because I just can't find out, where I can see my new followers. I would love to follow you back!

And it's snowing again here in Slovenia and I desperately need summer, so its time for some spring colors on my nails. Orange and white is pefect for this. And since I have a lot of studying, there is everything more interesting that sit down with books and try to learn anything for exam. No its so much more fun doing my nails and writing a post ;))
So here are my today nails:

What do you think? Like them?

Talk to you soon, with review of my favourite body butter. ;)

XOXO, Anna

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