Barbie nails

četrtek, januar 17, 2013

Hei lovlies.

When my friend notice this nails on me just said: "OMG Ana you have such a barbie nails today, well i don't like them". And I was like WTF?!? Well I have a seriously issue I don't give a f*** what people around me, who never polish their nails or compliment my nails, think about them when they don't like them. I am wearing only that kind of manicures that I like. And I think that is most important think. Do you agree?

And lets go to my barbie nails. I must said that they really look girly and I like that sometimes ;)

I use Essence C&G in 107 Naughty and pink! for a color base and Essence SnowWhite TE glitter top coat in 03 Prince Charming. I must say that this top coat is one of the best buys in 2012! I love it. And it looks good with pink base ;)

Well what do you think?

I have to show you this photo I take on 1st January from my work. Photo was taken from Golte and you can see Savinjska dolina. Isn't just beautiful? Can't wait to go there tomorrow to took a new snowy photo :)

Darlings have a wonderful Thursday!
XOXO, Anna

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  1. Uh, super pašeta skupaj! =) Sicer pa ja, saj se lakiramo zase, ne pa za druge, wear what you like! =))

  2. Punca, nosi na nohtih, kar ti paše in se ne oziraj na druge. Saj so tvoji nohti. ;)
    Zadnja fotka je prelepa. :)

  3. ja men so pa zelo lepi :) pa požvižgaj se na to kar drugi rečejo:) hehe

  4. ful so lepi, res čist barbie <3

  5. Roza nohti so vedno dobra izbira :D Lepi!


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