Liquid Metals.

četrtek, december 20, 2012

Hei Dolls**
Sorry for my long, long break, but I needed it! My camera broke, so I couldn't take photos and I have to get used to a new life. Being student in Maribor isn't easy, there's too much going on.
Well I have done my new/ but not last piercing, you'll see it soon, it just have to heal.
Manhattan Slo send me one polish, so I owned them one post, and since I really good tested this polish is finally time for review! I must say I have this polish on my nails since I got it for at least 10 times. It's the most beautiful metalic silver with blue undertone. And the quality is amazing! It lasted on my nails really long time, more than any other polish in my collection! And since I don't have so much free time anymore I decided to wear polishes that last on my nails longer. And this one is always my top choice. I have no idea if you still can buy this polish, but probably the other polishes have the same quality if you remember my red polish I wear last year sooooo many times it was from Manhattan too.
And let me show you this gorgeous from Manhattan LE Liquid Metals in 77Z

I used O.P.I base coat and essence top coat. This 3 works perfect together! ;)

Manhattan bottles are 11ml, and I think they coast around 4€. And they have perfect brush for my nail shape. This is definitely not my last Manhattan polish, since I have 2 that I am perfectly satisfied.
And you definitely have to check Manhattan page on Facebook . They have a lot of amazing ideas for nails, hair, style, etc.. :)

Now I promise you that I will be more good and write more posts! I have prices for my giveaway now home for month, and I can finally take a photos and write post.

Xoxo, Anna

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  1. O glej, kdo je nazaj. :) Lepo je spet prebrati tvoj nov post.
    Ta lak imam tudi jaz in mi je všeč, čeprav je meni na splošni kvaliteta Manhattan lakov precej slaba. Mislim pa, da je lak še na voljo, ravno ta teden sem ga videla na njivovem stojalu.

  2. Nice post dear :)

    Join jewelry giveaway on my blog :)


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