Its time for some crackle again!

četrtek, oktober 11, 2012

Hei dolls*
How are my sweet readers? Well its nothing new I guess, I am ill again -.-" I mean this is crazy! I am ill more time than healthy.  I really need to do something with me. I have to start eat more healthy and live more healthy! 
Well I am having my room cleaning today, and I just find some interesting material for blog posts, so be ready. And I already bought a few things for my giveaway! :)

But let's go on a thing I wanna to show you. Its my nails. I have them since monday and I love it! They didn't chipp not a little!
And I discovered my new favorite drugstore quick drying top coat. But this is a topic for my next post! :)

For base color I used my favorite pearl white color from Catrice called White and Seek, and Then I use Depedn crackle in red (5004) and hot pink(5003) .

 Right hand
Left hand

Do you like this combo? I am showing you both hand for maybe the second time? Want to see my right hand more often? :)

Have fun guys!
I'll talk to you soon!

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XOXO, Anna

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