*Some products I am loving this week!*

sobota, julij 28, 2012

-My new Zebra candle, just 'cuz its super cute and looks good on my desk.
-New Balea Mademoiselle chick douche it smells gorgeous and have cutest package.
-Loreal Paris hair color. Its nice orange on package, hope it will look similar on my nails.
-New Deborah cracking polish.
-My favorite foundation-Revlon Colorstay.
-Catrice blush, must have for me this summer ;)
-I rediscovered Essence blush brush. Like it again :)
-Genova rose gold watch from ebay.
-L&Z magazine, my favorite magazin in Slo language.
-Essence glitter liner

This is a super brief post as I haven't gone into detail about any of the products, but I just wanted to let you know some things I am loving right now!

XOXO, Anna

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