NEW! Depend Holographic #2034-Pacific blue

sobota, julij 07, 2012

When I heard a news, that new Depend Holographic polishes are available in our stores, I have to go to see them and of course I couldn't go with no polish home.
So I pick up Pacific blue. Its sad that the polishes don't have names written on bottles but only on stash. This one is in number 2034.
Depend polishes coast 3,45€ for 5ml bottle. And in my opinion that's a little expensive, for a polish that need 3 coats for full coverage. But the effect on sun is gorgeous. And in shadow polish look a little bit boring.

I will definitely buy some more polishes, because its the only drugstore holographic polishes that are available in our country.

Whats you opinion on this polish?

XOXO, Anna

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  1. Super lakci so, moj se 2. dan še vedno dobro drži, kar je redko pri meni. :D

  2. prečudoviti so ! mam istega in je res krasen, sploh na sončku :)


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