My week in photos.

petek, julij 13, 2012

Hi Dolls!*

I had an amazing week. I was work free, and went to a seaside with some of my new friends and visit Pivo&Cvetje festival. It was amazing and I have to catching up some sleep today. But I still have some time to show you some of photos I took last days..
Sea side: Cloudy sky, Portorož, View from out room, and photo I took in a car somewhere on the road.

This is how photos turned out when guys took them :D

I few new buys. My collection is larger and larger -.-"

Cotton candy <3, Cake, Giraffe in circus :S, Me-short redhead! :)

I love to read that kind of post on other blogs, and since I'm obsessed with taking photos lately, I'll write more posts about my life and random thing. Like?

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XOXO, Anna

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  1. uuu rdečelaska si ratala?:) Zakon:)
    imam pa eno random vprašanje: Katero aplikacijo uporabljaš, da narediš te srčke na sliki? hehe

    1. Jaaa že kar nekaj časa, zdaj sem že cela sprana.
      Emm uporabljam pa PicsArt. ;)

  2. Nora barva las! :) Jaz si ne bi upala tako žive, samo ti paše :)

  3. waa kolk ti paše tale frizurca! lajk!! =)


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