I've been naughty again.!

torek, julij 17, 2012

Hei Dolls**

I've been shopping again. I can't resist, not to go to Muller and buy nothing if I don't need it emergency. I fail in all ways. :(
Here is what I bought today:
I have a lots of body sprays, that I don't use really often, because it does not have perfect ingredients, but I definitely need new one. I am horrible! -.-" But since is so hot here, I don't use any body butter, and maybe I will use all spray :) and it smells gorgeous. 
Then I have to buy new essence gel liner brush, cuz I break old one. I use this brush for cleaning the aria between cuticle and polish. You get more perfect polish line, and this brush is perfect for that. 
Other day when I was cleaning my polish shells I realized that I own only 1 Manhattan polish. What a shame.   And they have some new pastel summer colors+ in Muller are all polish 25% discount. Great deal. I get one 7ml quick dry polish for 1,48€

And now swatches:
This green one is pain in the ass. 3coats for full opacity and they don't dry as that fast as they promise. And application is not that easy at all. In bottle this polish look mint green, but on nails is really bright neon green. I don't like this polish at all! I don't recommend  this polish to you. ;)

This pink one is better in application, but still needs 3 coats, and I hate that, cuz I have more work to do and it needs a lot of time to dry. Still polish on nails looks different that in bottle. Its better that green but I won't buy it if I could try it out first. But thats just my opinion, maybe you'll like it ;))

Now I think I have enough Manhattan polishes for a lot of time. I don't need new one. 
What's your opinion on this polishes? I would love to hear it.

See you soon!
XOXO, Anna

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  1. Manhattan lakov že dolgo nisem kupila, ampak nekako se mi večje stekleničke zdijo boljše kvalitete. Škoda, da zelen ni v redu, prav luštno izgleda.

    1. Ja imam enega rdečga pa mi je super, zato sem še te zdej vzela, ko so 25% off in so smešno poceni ;), pa so me razočarali..

  2. Odgovori
    1. Potem, pa obvezno ponj, ker so trenutno 25% off.

  3. Be careful with the Fruttini body mist, I have one and it left a 'nice' orange mark on my white top...


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