Candy nails.

ponedeljek, julij 16, 2012

Hei Lovlies!

I just get my hands on the cutiest polish for summer. It was long time on my WL and the other day I get it as a present in magazine. Its Catrice-Am I Blue or Green? And of course I had to mix it a little bit and I polish my ring finger in Catrice-Sweets for my sweets. Now I have the cuties nails for summer! ;))
I take photos with my new phone, so please excuse for low quality. 

 What I use for this manicure.
 With my cute owl ring <3
The best highlighter! 
 And my must have- Lemony Flutter <3
 Silly me. With Essence-Coralize me! Lip stick, perfect shade for me, natural, but still more intensive color than my natural lips.

What do you think about my nails? Like it? I must say that I really like new brush. Application was so easy, I am not used to that whet it comes to pastel colors. I will wear this polish more often, next time with cute konad pattern! 

XOXO, Anna

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  1. I love the brushes of Catrice nail polishes. I bought my first two C. polishes a few weeks ago and the huge brushes surprised me! They're so comfortable to work with! I love the blue colour you own anyway :)

    1. I agree with you about the brushes! I like them much!
      Thank you.*

  2. Full lušna kombinacija!

  3. lepii nohtki + barva lakca :)


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