Starry sky on my nails.

torek, junij 12, 2012

My darlings, have you ever tried galaxy nails? They're brainy, nerdy, playful and cool all at the same time and yet still elegant enough to wear to work. And it's nothing hard, so easy. You need dark color(black, blue, grey), and some bright colors(red, pink, violet) and for end  layer the glittery colors over the dark color, but over only parts of each nail. 
I use only dark colors, and some glitter for stars. I want a starry sky on my nails, not galaxy. :) 
But for the next time I will try galaxy, 'cuz I love the way it looks on a nails.!
It all start with a gorgeous black polish from Essence-21 Fabuless- this is definitely the most gorgeous black polish! Don't you agree?

And then I layer other polish with sponge technique: Catrice-280 London's Weather Forecast; Catrice 270 It Blue My Mind! ; Essence 01 Live forever(Moonlight Collection). And for the stars I use Essence-04 Space star. And here is the final look:

So what do you think? Like it as much as I? 

XOXO, Anna

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