Some interesting facts about me. #!

petek, junij 29, 2012

Well i never thought I would make that kind of post, but since today I run into a bunch of interesting photos I decided to do it.
Of course I am ill again, bladder infection is back. :(, so I have a lot of time to be on internet and search for interesting things and inspiration.

Well lets start:

 I can't say no to sweet things. I eat every day something sweet.
 I love jewelry, but i never wear it.
 Love tattoos, but I don't own any. And since summer is not a perfect time for getting a tattoo it will have to wait.
 I am afraid of balloons. I know that is funny, but its true. 
 I can't watch a movie without a popcorn, cheese flavor is the best! 
 I own a lot of lipstick and glosses, but I wear most of the time just lip balm.
I am horrible at this one, I can twirling my hair all the time, even in bad.

XOXO, Anna

p.s Like that kind of posts?
p.s2 Photo source: weheartit

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  1. Dobr post. :)
    Pri meni je enako z nakitom.

  2. omg are these all chanel lipsticks? give'em to me if you don't wear them :P

    1. Yes they are chanel, but they are not mine. :) If I have Chanel lip stick I will wear it all the time ;))


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