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četrtek, junij 28, 2012

Me and my mum had a free day, so we wake up early, packed up and gone to sea side. We had a lovely day and I took some photos just for you.

 We went to Ankaran, because we have friends all summer there. We were all the time in shadow, but anyway I'm all red now. Sun is really strong.

Mandatory equipment for the beach.
I can't go to the beach without some magazine or a good book and bold nails. This time was on my nails still H&M City&Zoo. It was a good pick!

Sea is still pretty cold. And I hate sea grass. FUJ!
And after a great day, we get a good diner in Trojane restaurant.
I really like to eat here, the stuff is so kind and a food is delicious.

Well I had a lovely day. Did you do anything special today?

XOXO, Anna

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