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sreda, maj 30, 2012

My mum just send me to a shoe store, to pick up some shoes for her and to my luck that store is near Mueller. Of course I need to go to Mueller just to check out if there is something new and interesting. Well there were a lot of interesting stuff. Here is what I bougt:

-Palette deluxe hair color in red. I'm a redhead now ;)
-Aldo Vandini Spirit of India Shower Gel..one of my favorite <3
-Fruttini Cranberry Choc Shower cream and Body lotion, because it smells gorgeous!
-Fruttini Coco Banana Body Lotion Sprey smell sgorgeous and if I am in hurry than this is so handy.

And then I went to a Dm for my hair spray, Im kind of short now and i need hair spray, for my hair to stay in a place.

Do you want to read a review on any of this products? Let me know.

+Bonus pic:

My new hair color:
I bought some natural color and it sucks! I know that a red color wash off so easy, but this natural one is orange after 3 washing. So I bought my palette color again. I was very satisfied with this one years ago, when I was a redhead too. Do you like it?

Have fun girls!
XOXO, Anna

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  1. Super barva! :D
    A imajo Fruttini pilig v tistem vonju tudi? :D

    1. Jooj mislim ,da ga ni. V Ve je blo sam tole pa krema za roke..

    2. ja imajo ta piling :) sama sem si ga ogledovala pred parimi tedni!

    3. Mogoče kje v bližini Velenja? :D Pa ravno pri nas ga ni no! :D

    4. Mateja hitro skoči, 2 pilinga sta še v Ve v Muellerju! Čisto spodaj desno ;).

    5. Wiiii, hvala, upam da me počakata do jutri zvečer. :D

  2. Jaz sem ista; grem v Mullerja po palčke za ušesa, domov pridem s tremi laki :) Super nakupi ;)

  3. Ooo huda barva! Pokaži jo na celih laseh ;)


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