Spring nails #5

torek, april 17, 2012

So I finally find a perfect yellow polish that suits me and I enjoy wearing it! I had it on my nails for a 3 days now. And I thing its perfect for all this cloudy days! <3
And since I love crazy colors on my nails and dots, I pick up the most crazy pink polish and made pink dots on my yellow nails. And I love it how it turns out!

I use Orly bonder, Essence color&go 95 Wanna be your sunshine and for dots Essence show your feet 05 Flashy pink, Orly polished.

So what do you think?

XOXO, Anna

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  1. I did something similar to this one day and I love the colors together!! :)) looks great

  2. Lušna kombinacija. Čist pomladna :)

  3. Ja pa iiii, kak šikano! Lepi nohtki <3

  4. Soo cute and wonderful :)
    I love the color combination... makes me think of ice cream :D

  5. Ful lepa barva. :)


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