Spring challenge: Love and life.

ponedeljek, april 16, 2012

Hey guys!

As you can see i take a break from blogging. I have so many new things in life, si I just couldn't find time for blog. I bought myself a new car, start a new job, start running everyday...
But then I just decided to join Spring challenge. You can read more about here.

Well I am two days late, but I made this nails on 14th, but I just didn't have time to write a post.
I chose blue and purple. I don't like how this turn out, but I will show you anyway:

Some girls did really good job, so you should definitely check them out:
Kelly-Ann from Nail Art by Kelly-Ann
Riley from Pinky to Thumb
Aylin from Posh Nail Art
Brianna from Welcome To Brianna's World!
Aurora from World of Happy Nails
Mateja D from Mateji ustvarjata
Nail buff
Colorfulbottle from Colorful bottle's blog
Thalie from Glazed Talons
Hema from Rainbow Nails
KawaiiKagura from Nailpocalypse
Nail Crazy
Mimi from Mimi's Vanity Box

See you soon! I hope I won't be late this time too!

Have fun! *

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