Why I Like Spring :)

ponedeljek, marec 05, 2012

Snow is slowly melting...
Nature is waking up..
Its time for beautiful sunsets...

The weather is more sunny and it's more warm.
That means its timr for:

Long walks in nature

Reading books outside on sun. <3

Wearing less...Pastel colors, vintage shirts..Colorfull nails. The only time I'm wearing pastel colors on nails..
No make up make up.. That fresh look on your face.

This spring top color! Mint green <3 We all love it!

But any way...

Source: weheartit.com

XOXO, Anna

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  1. My favorite season is spring, I just love that smell in the air and everything else :) My time of year is coming :)

  2. wa kere krasne fotke. js sam še čakam da mal ozeleni in začne cvetet, pol bom pa uživala sto na uro =)


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