My Spring Nails #2

sobota, marec 03, 2012

My friend gave it to me. She didn't like it, and I didn't like it too. But then this years spring color is Mint Green. I saw it everywhere! And I was thinking, I don't own any mint color, but then I remember on this polish and I give it a try this year too! Well the application was pain in the ass! But in the end i like it! It's really nice color and it suits my skin so well. I'm wearing it now for a 3 days already! But today it's time for something new! ;)

Essence-73 Replay, 2 coats

And with my new peace ring from ebay ;)

My inspiration for mint nails was:

And I went to a hairdresser yesterday, we change my color and haircut, to something more crazy! Well summer I'm ready for you! Hurry up!!

XOXO, Anna

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  1. ma top je tale min post! =)
    čakamo torej fotke nove frizurce ;)

    1. Hvala!
      No upam, da se kmalu opogumim in pokažem ;)

  2. Obožujem to barvo!Prelepa je na nohtih!

    1. Res je! Ker je tako lepa celo odtehta težaven nanos!

  3. kok gorđs je tale lak <3 pa prstančk,ooh :D


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