Marble Mania-01 Raspberry Swirl

nedelja, februar 26, 2012

Well I'm back from my vacation ;) I went in Kranjska Gora for a few days, visit my friend who works there ;). I really need a break from job and all daily stuff! It was a great time! And i didn't wear make up for all week! :)
I was extremely happy when my friend took me to Austria in shopping :) And I sped a lot off time in Muller and I was lucky to pick up some stuff from new Essence TE Marble Mania. I like it!
All together ;)

Amazing gloss!*

And blush, perfect for spring. It gives that nice, fresh look to your skin ;)

I fall in love with this polish! What a gorgeous Jelly pink! With a lot of shine;)

This is perfect color for summer! For hands and toes!

Can't wait to this TE comes to Slo that i can pick up more stuff!

Wanna see photos from Bled and Kranjska Gora?

XOXO, Anna

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  1. Uau, lakec je čudovit! :)

  2. Seveda hočemo videt slikce z Bleda pa Kranjske Gore! :)

  3. super nakup pa res božanski lak! js mam neki podobnega že doma in je poleti res skos v uporabi :p se že veselim slikc Bleda in Kranjske Gore :)
    aia,pa tale kolekcija je že v slo :)

  4. Ta kolekcija je že na voljo pri nas, in skoraj vse povsod je bila že spraznjena XD Laka imam tudi jaz, in sem kupila enega glosa, rdečila žal ni bilo več :(
    Lepo, da si bila na dopustu, to je super :) prav paše :D

  5. Prečudovit kako ti paše!!!


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