It's time for some red. isn't?

ponedeljek, februar 13, 2012

Red? Yes it's perfect for V. day, but i just missed red nails and I still had some unused red Kiko polish. This is really nice red with a tiny shimmer. It is super photogenic color, so it was so easy to capture :)

Application was easy too, it can be opaque with only one coat, but I just put up two coats as usually.

You can see shimmer and the real color on this pic!

After taking this photos I just added some konad, but it isn't turned out as I wanted, so I put it off and put just polish one more time. Then I just realize how TC destroy shimmery effect o.O So on the pointer and middle finger in no TC and I think you can see the difference.

Well this is not my favorite red color, but I like it anyway! Oouu I almost forgot! It's Kiko in n.353-again no name.. :O

XOXO, Anna

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  1. You're a true Kiko lover I see :D
    That's so sad when applying top coat the shimmer disappears, it happens to me too sometimes :( Anyway, your nails look always good with a red polish!

    1. Yes I am. I love colors and quality of Kiko polishes! And the prize. They are amazing! <3
      So I'm not the only one. That's good to know ;))
      Ouu Thank you<3


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