It's again time for some beautiful Kiko!

torek, februar 28, 2012

I fall in love with this one on a first sight when I saw it in a shop! It's such a gorgeous summer color! I can't describe color. Really. They named it Bright pink, but I think its more red than pink color. I was trying to capture the color and I had a lot of work, but in the end there were 3 photos that I can show you, so you can see the real color!

Kiko-250 Bright Pink

So what do you think, like it?

XOXO, Anna

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  1. It looks more orange than pink, but I love that there is a visible pink shimmer in it <3 How is it possible that also this kind of colour suits you so well? I look horrible with a orange nail polish!!!!

    1. I can't believe you! Every polish you put up looks gorgeous! I think you could sell me the most ugly polish if i saw it on your nails!

  2. Tudi meni izgleda bolj oranžen. Imam enega podobnega od O.P.I s takim lepi šimrom, ampak mi ni všeč, ker je preveč prosojen. Ti pa ta barva res zelo lepo paše.

    1. tale je bil po 2 nanosih solidno prekriven ;). So pa ponavadi takšni lakci res bol prosojni!
      O hvala!


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