It was Carnival yesterday!

nedelja, februar 19, 2012

Yeeey I always have so much fun, when it comes to a carnival! I can wear bold make up and big fake lashes and I love being someone else for one night! I had so much fun yesterday with my friend, we were the best couple! We win the second prize for the best mask!

It all started with nails. In red&black combo! Because red&black are Devil colors!

My right hand

And left hand
I love how pigmented are Circus polishes!

And then it was time for smokey eye with big fake lashes!
Can you quess my mask already?
Well here are photos with my partner in crime :)
We were guilty!

Naughty nun and dirthy priest!

We definitely had so much fun! What a shame that is over now...

What were your mask for carneval?

XOXO, Nughty nun ;)

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  1. Oooo huda! Js nisem bila nič našemljena, ker nisem niti šla ven...

  2. podoba mi się ten szary cień do powiek z brokatem ...<3

  3. Si bila luštna nuna. :)

    Na mojem blogu te čaka 11 Questions Tag. :)


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